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Electric Bikes

Fortune tellers will be looking for new jobs when this bike hits your trails. With geometry enchanted to help you predict the future and power delivery characteristics that will raise your spirits, the YDX-MORO 07 will inspire you to go for one more loop.
A comfortable way to travel The ST2 Pinion was developed to take you places comfortably, safely and dynamically. With the 6-speed gearbox from Pinion, Gates Carbon Belt Drive and individually adjustable stem, this model is your perfect commuting partner for your everyday life. Continuously Adjustable Select your perfect riding position. With the adjustable stem, you can customize the ST2 Pinion to fit your riding style. Low Maintenance The 6-speed gearbox from Pinion is as robust as it is durable and enables fast, precise gear changes, both when stationary and while riding. Combined with a low-maintenance carbon belt from Gates, this model offers you a harmonious and silent riding experience. Seamless Frame The frame of the ST2 Pinion is seamless, with invisible welds. This leads to a smooth transition and, at the same time, a clean and high-quality look with high longevity. Maximum Grip The high-volume Pirelli 27.5´´ tires are specially attuned to commuting on the road. They roll smoothly and ensure maximum grip on every surface and in every weather. The volume of the tires offers a slight cushioning effect. Reflective elements increase your visibility in traffic.
Meet the aptly named Family: the newest member of your tribe. One that takes you and your most precious cargo wherever you want to go. The bike's speed and agility will be more than a match for your hectic lifestyle. Our range of accessories will allow you to customize it to meet your family's needs. Leave the car at home and zip through the city effortlessly, or enjoy a trip to the woods or the beach. One ride, and you'll be hooked!
The extraordinarily dynamic S-Pedelec for daily use with customizable riding position and smart extras for stylish, efficient mobility in commuter traffic. PINION GEARBOX The Pinion 9-speed gearbox allows for fast, precise gear changes while stationary and while riding, as well as a gear ratio range of 568%. For a harmonious riding experience and extraordinary durability. EQUIPED WITH CARBON BELT The powerful and clean Gates carbon belt drive has been optimized for fast e-bikes. Advantage: smooth, noiseless riding with long service life and minimum maintenance. OPTIONAL ABS SYSTEM Bluebrake's fully integrated anti-locking system regulates the force of the front brake - for maximum braking control on slippery surfaces and rollover protection during emergency braking. ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION With triple protection thanks to GPS localization, e-mail or text notification if moved without authorization and motor locking in anti-theft mode.
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